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More Confidence, More Clients Academy
In this program Stacey & Carey are going to share with you some "best of" exercises for both individual and group programs. This will enable you to create a more powerful, profound experience with clients that keeps them coming back for more and referring you to others. They like to call these their "Ninja Coaching Skills".
How To Get 10 Clients In 30 Days
Ready to add $10,000 in new client income to your bank account in the next 30 days...even if you're starting from scratch? Carey & Stacey reveal their proven L.E.V.E.R.A.G.E. System to create a flood of 10 new clients in the next 30 days...without a fancy website, a brand, or even an email list.
The Teleseminar Success System For Holistic Health & Wellness Pros
Are you ready to make $100,000+ leading holistic health and wellness teleseminars? Discover our proven, simple, step-by-step system to create, market, and lead kick-ass teleseminars that can double your email list, fill your wellness programs, and make you more money while making a difference!
Holistic MBA: The Core Training
Were you born to transform lives? Holistic MBA: The Core Training is the perfect 'graduate' program for health & wellness practitioners who want the shortcuts to go from start-up to 6-figures like a pro. Based on four pillars: money mindset, marketing, coaching skills and business systems, Holistic MBA is the perfect program if you're ready to shape your business around your ideal life and become the powerful leader you are meant to be.... in just 12 months.
Holistic MBA Live
Coming this October 26-28, 2012.....Get in a room LIVE and IN-PERSON with Stacey & Carey and over 100+ fellow holistic business owners as Carey & Stacey bring the same magic with ALL-NEW content! This event is going to ROCK... and is not to be missed... seriously.
7 Step Slam Dunk Speaker Formula
How to plan, prepare, and deliver powerful public talks that keep your audience on the edge of their seat and begging to hire you.
"Make The Leap" VIP Day With Carey
Would you like Carey's personal support so you can attract clients, create cash flow, and make a bigger impact in the next 30 days? In her "Make The Leap" VIP Day Experience, you'll work with Carey 1-on-1 to create an irresistible program or package offering. Together, you'll create a comprehensive strategy that will enroll clients quickly. Whether you're a new grad or six years into your practice, Carey's "Make The Leap" VIP Day experience is guaranteed to bring you results – fast! Click here to request an application.
"Irresistible Offers" VIP Fast Track Retreat With Stacey
Feeling stuck in a rut with narrowing your niche, creating irresistible program packages, writing hot copy that sells, and closing the deal? This is the ultimate virtual retreat to draw out your unique brilliance, and create a lifestyle business that's YOU. What's even cooler is that you'll have most of the work done-for-you by me! In your VIP Fast Track Retreat you will nail your niche, choreograph your signature system, and craft your irresistible offer... all in ONE day. Click here to request an application.
Step Into Your Spotlight Private Coaching and Mastermind Experience
The Spotlight experience is specially designed to help you find YOUR place, where YOU shine; to free up those unexpressed parts of yourself while touching more lives, making a bigger impact, and earning more money. Stepping into your spotlight is where money and love, passion and profit, and yes, even health and spirituality intersect. This is the highest level of working with us. We are partners in your business and vision. To see a behind the scenes video and download an application click here.

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